Property Finding

The property finder is a professional figure, born in the United States and still relatively unknown in Italy.

His role is to find, on behalf of the buyer, the house of his dreams.

In order to achieve this aim, the buyer shoud make his search known: whether it is a first
or second home, what is the destination of use of the property he wants to buy, the type,
the geographical position and the budget, in other words the maximum price he is willing
to invest.




To offer the client an excellent service, the property finder should have an in-depth
knowledge of the area and its real estate market and have a wide range of references.
The property finder has the task of carrying out meticulous checks to ensure that
everything is in order in cadastral and urban terms, avoiding unpleasant surprises later on in the negotiations.
He is a sort of consultant, reliable and professional, always available to listen and able to provide a tailor-made service, without wasting the buyers time.

The staff of Carlucci House in Tuscany is pleased to offer you this service.



Here are the benefits you will gain from it:

• Saving time: monitoring the whole real estate market, it will not be necessary for
the buyer to spend entire days surfing the internet. A detailed search will be
carried out to only visit the right properties.

• Saving money: The property finder will play the part of his client during the
negotiation. His goal will be concluding an economically and contractually
convenient sale for the buyer.

• Finding the right home: the properties showed to the buyer will be the result of a
scrupulous analysis of his needs and of the exhaustive interrogation of market
offers. This will allow him to make the best decision without regrets.


Avoiding interferences: you will have a unique contact person to deal with

• After-sales services: give buyers advice on how to handle any work required on
the property

• Being present at the closing of the negotiation to make sure that all the buyers
interests are being protected


Still having any doubts? We are waiting for you for a tailor-made consulting!

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