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For home Sellers

Are you planning to sell your house but you don’t know how to move in the real estate
market and who to contact?
Carlucci House in Tuscany Estate Agency, with headquarters in San Gimignano and
Poggibonsi, has been on the market since 1997, and is specialised in the sale of
prestigious properties in the Tuscan countryside.


To be more specific, here is what we can do to sell your property:

  •  Estimating the value of the property
  •  Publication on the most listed real estate portals, both foreign and Italian
  •  Research into preferential channels for conveying the sale
  •  Accurate real estate marketing analysis to focus on the right national and
    international target audience
  •  Meticulous recruitment of clients and management of negotiations in full
  •  Home Staging service to enhance the value of the property for sale
  •  Photographic and video/drone service, where necessary
  • Post-sale services and bureaucratic assistance


We also offer you all our assistance in the research and collection of the certificates
required for buying and selling real estate. We will provide you with specific, successful
and resolved assistance, in order to achieve your intended aim.
That is why we will never leave you alone: Carlucci House in Tuscany will follow you
step by step through each single phase, from the advertising of the property to the
purchase proposal, up to the preliminary sales contract and the notarial deed.
Many clients think that by choosing more than one agency they will be able to sell their
house easier, but the reality is quite different: relying on just one agency increases the
perceived value of a property, while choosing more than one agency devalues the
buyers perception of it.


Listed below are some of the reasons for this:

  •  If you assign your property to more than one agency, there may be a risk that
    your property will be promoted with different information, such as size and price,
    which will only generate a lot of confusion for the potential buyer
  • Because of this discrepancy, the client may think that the house has problems
    and that the property cannot be sold.
  • On the other hand, by contacting a single agency (exclusive assignment) all
    these negative issues will not happen as the seller will have a single
  • Consequently, with exclusivity, the real estate agency will invest its energy,
    knowledge and money to achieve the best possible sale in the shortest possible
    time and will make its best not to betray the confidence that the client has placed
    in it.

If you decide to choose us, we will be a great point of reference for you, allowing you to
face the sale process with total peace of mind.