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For home Buyers

Buying a property is never an easy step to take: there are many factors to consider.
The first step is obviously to consider your needs, in order to fully understand the type of
property you would like to buy (farmhouse, barn, portion of farmhouse, apartment).
It is only after checking your economic availability/identifying your budget and
considering the expenses associated with the purchase, that you can finally start looking
for your dream house.
It is at this point that Carlucci House in Tuscany will meet you halfway and will be by
your side to help you in buying a property.

The staff at Carlucci House in Tuscany will offer you a 360° service, following you every
stage of the process, from the first viewing to the notarial deed.

Here the services that we offer to buyers:

  • Property Finding: if you have not found the right property yet, let the staff of
    Carlucci House in Tuscany deal with the finding of your ideal home.
  • Property Due Diligence: This is a form of risk evaluation. Before going ahead with
    the purchase of a property, everything is checked to make sure it is in
    accordance, to avoid any disagreeable inconveniences at the time of purchase.
  • Regular updating on new properties for sale
  • Detailed information are sent to you, including photographs, a full description of
    the property, its price, its geographical location and distances from main centres.
  • In-depth analysis of the critical aspects and the potentials of each property
  • Property valuation and profitability, project management and feasibility studies
  • Estimates for any renovation work
  • Management of negotiations with full transparency
  • After-sales services and bureaucratic assistance


We listen carefully to the buyers requests, suggesting property solutions that meet their
desires, needs and budget. Thanks to our experience in the real estate sphere and vast
knowledge of out area, we will be able to realise your wishes in the shortest time